I am Iulia Halatz, philologist and business owner from Bucharest. Through my company I offer corporate bespoke English language courses and copywriting solutions.
I like to write as this is how I find myself in all the aspects of my life: my visible (business) stories , my invisible stories (my poems) and sporting activities.
Also I get to be found and my words become the tiny bit of help (needed) for your story.

If you need my words, write to me and we will tailor the best solution for you.

Iulia Halatz I

Tel: +40722.841.053

5 comments on “Contact
  1. loukik143 says:

    your blog is ossamm dear it will surely help somebody who need this

    Liked by 1 person

Your words are stardust, they shine and sparkle in my heart. Thank you!

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