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Engleza de joi/ Clay

Clay = a type of heavy, sticky earth that becomes hard when it is baked and is used to make things such as pots and bricks. “The imagination is the true fire, stolen from heaven, to animate this cold creature

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When the pen fails

The story starts with “the pen is mightier than the sword” and we totally give in to it. Our words are the polisher of rough patches, the clearer of dark skies, the bridges for Human-to-Human interaction. The prerequisite of a

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What is your worth?

How much do you think you are worth? Would someone who could figure out how to buy you at the price you are truly worth and sell you at what you think you are worth be able to pocket a

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Word Debt

Words are everywhere…They float about and run towards us since forever and shape our fragile childhood dreams. Words make us humane. Our entire being is constructed upon words. And then we become in debt… We owe a “Good morning”, a

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Engleza de joi/ Nadir

Nadir = 1.That point of the heavens, or lower hemisphere, directly opposite the zenith; the inferior pole of the horizon; the point of the celestial sphere directly under the place where we stand. = 2.The lowest point; the time of

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Engleza de joi/ As thick as thieves

To be (as) thick as thieves = (informal) (of two or more people) very friendly, especially in a way that makes other people suspicious.                     Art by amazing Michael Cheval.  

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“I would have a workshop attached to every school, and one hour a day given up to the teaching of simple decorative arts. It would be a golden hour to the children.” -Oscar Wilde            

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“Language is not like the sun,
heating and scorching
but like the moon
keeping secrets
and the arcane magic of the night
throwing stars
in the lilacs’ claws
till dawn.” -Iulia Halatz

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