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I tell my students, ‘When you get these jobs that you have been so brilliantly trained for, just remember that your real job is that if you are free, you need to free somebody else. If you have some power,

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In the forest by the sea

In the forest by the sea Stars live in the evening tree… Whispers rave from the deep red sea Shine and shine The sun and me… Picture taken last year in the Corfiot forest, by the sea.

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Engleza de august/ Rolling stone

August has opened the door to autumn by unleashing the cavalry of scented lilies. Summer will be tiptoeing out of our lives…Soon… I wish I were a rolling stone in the garden with a sea view. Rolling stone gathers no

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I live

I live in a snug den into the woods In a clearing where there are blues and yellows in the flowers of the vale. ……………………………………………. The stars see me dreaming and rejoicing at you. The fireflies curl in my corners.

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Every day, a little dream

I long for a dream, within a dream that clears the sight of you. I am asleep and asleep I feel nothing But the craddle of your arms like orange snakes thrashing fears around… Black and white tale Shall that

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Trail away

                Trail me away with questions and the weight of your love. Abyss is not yet invented Just seen in shadow moons… Cast me away with a thought replenishing with haze in mid

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Copywriting & epitomising*

Copywriting is more difficult than Maths. Every day there appears something new: theory, trend, “axiom”. Pitagora is obsolete. Nevertheless Euler** is still fashionable as it “encircles” the golden IDEA: PEOPLE BUY FROM PEOPLE. Or I write for people and I

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Credibilitate = Strategie?

Ca antreprenori vindem in primul rand credibilitate, apoi servicii si produse. Cum fabricam credibilitate? Prin creativitate…si…multa munca… Eu m-am apucat de scris, acum vreo cativa ani…Am deschis cateva bloguri, de promovare, dar mai ales de ajutor pentru orice cititor care

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“Language is not like the sun,
heating and scorching
but like the moon
keeping secrets
and the arcane magic of the night
throwing stars
in the lilacs’ claws
till dawn.” -Iulia Halatz

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