Engleza de joi/ Grasp

Grasp = a firm hold or grip.

“The body is not a thing, it is a situation: it is our grasp on the world and our sketch of our project.”
Simone de Beauvoir

My “situation” has a penchant for grasping more and more of the world in different and divergent sporting circumstances; cycling, skating, skiing… Sketching over one’s limits melts the stresses of fitting an imperfect representation of perfect living.


Art by Evyn Fong.


She is primarily a teacher of English. Also her mind is lured by goodies like finance, economics, interest rates, the stock market, as she has a hankering for how the money is made. Nevertheless she is a dreamer on a cloud...As dreams cost nothing... In ordinary days she is a word-weaver for everything and everything that breathes. In the best of days she just follows the seasons by means of bike, skis, or roller-skates. She is grateful to all colors of the world and to people who read, smile and drop a line here, or on her email. Contributing author at Sudden Denouement Literary Collective, Spillwords.com, Medium.com, My Trending Stories and Anthology Volume I: Writings from the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective.

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32 comments on “Engleza de joi/ Grasp
  1. It makes sense, but it is a challenge to fully comprehend. My body is the situation of having eaten too much American food mixed with weight lifting as my favorite exercise. The levels of chemicals in my brain is the situation determined by meditation, lots of reading, and not enough affection.

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    • Iulia Halatz says:

      Thank you for sharing your ideas!
      I am a sports addict not a food addict :). Nevertheless, in the culture of my country food is a “must do” for the Holidays. Consequently this is perfect timing for making amends to myself and my rather frugal way of living.
      Wishing you the best!

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  2. grumpytyke says:

    I’ve had to think long and hard about that. ‘Stretching’ myself physically, eg jn sport, has never given me any satisfaction nor lessened any stress. There has never been any satisfaction in climbing a mountain in itself, only in the result (ie, seeing the view from a mountain top). On the other hand, stretching myself mentally, intellectually if you like, has always brought satisfaction and lessened stress, though I’m not sure I ever have that. I think my body is a ‘thing’ in which is contained my mind – my grasp on the world and my sketch of my project.

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    • Iulia Halatz says:

      Thank you, dear Roger! You think too much :))) 💜
      I absolutely understand your point of view and going back down memory lane, I agree with you. As a student (high school), sport had never given me any satisfaction, on the contrary just blame and jeering as although being very tall (for my age), I was an utter disaster at basketball and other sporting activities. Finally they let me be with a 5. But then I went home, and my bike was waiting for me. 🙂
      For me it is a combination, when I feel I am spreading myself too thin, I take a break and stretch my “situation”, optimally next to a forest or a body of water.

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      • grumpytyke says:

        I can sympathise with your school situation, I had precisely the same experience in a State ‘grammar school’ which pretended to be a ‘public school’ (I’m sure you know that in UK that means an ‘elite’ private school). I’ve disliked sport ever since as far as participating is concerned and even for the most part as a spectator, the most important exception being gymnastics; I was converted to that by the wonderful young female Romanian gymnasts. That began in 1976, of course!

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  3. Love the illustration of the mermaid in the bathtub. ❤️

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  4. This brings back childhood memories re the birth of my awareness of philosophy and feminism. We had a 1970s Penguin paperback of The Woman Destroyed up at the cottage. The cover was amazing. A naked woman, lying on the floor in semi-shadow. Sunlight coming through a window. Red roses strewn around her on the wooden floor.. Just did a Google search. Couldn’t find it. But a great cover. Never read the book. I was too young. But I got it. Right away from that cover art. 🙂

    She and Sartre were lover/companions or something like that. But I guess you know that. 🙂

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    • Iulia Halatz says:

      I guess I knew it. 🙂 🙂
      My first memories of philosophy are all about Albert Camus… Feminism? I do not remember… 🙂 If you can believe it, even now I do not precisely know what feminism is… Maybe I have read too little, maybe not enough. 😉 I just cannot put my finger on. Sometimes I do perceive it like a contrary trend against the major “movement” but perhaps they just do not mix, the same with water from two oceans or the Gulf Stream (?). I really liked the painting, it is both frail and powerful.
      Thank you, Michael!

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      • I studied feminism in academe… I began with Psych and Sociology before entering into Religious Studies. So my remembrance is that there are many different types of feminism, from soft, moderate to “radical” (and several other designations). That was back then. Who knows what labels they are affixing to different thinkers and activists now! 🙂

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      • Iulia Halatz says:

        Me too, but not so profoundly. I preferred to have used my intuition and my heart’s whispers. When something is being too descriptive it may lose its attributes, or something gets lost in the (many) description(s)…a little too confusing…As I said before. 🙂🙂 But I will read more on the topic. Promise. 🙂

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      • It’s like in physics… you prob know that Heisenberg noted we cannot know a particle’s momentum and position at the same time. Try to focus on one and we lose info on the other… I think this applies to a lot of “macro” things too. 🙂

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  5. sorryless says:

    My situation is enigmatic, to be certain. Bourbon and beer, running and exercise bike. Let’s just say its equal parts discipline and debauchery.

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  6. A very interesting quote – I had not thought of the body as a “situation”. I suppose in a way we do use our bodies to navigate life which in itself is both simple and complex all at the same time. We do what we can with the knowledge we have, enjoy what we can, despair of what we cannot change, but remain in a state of mystery – our grasp is not firm at all. Just my thoughts …:)
    The illustration is simply amazing!

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  7. chevvy8 says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading your definition of the situation and the ensuing comment. I think my situation is generally not knowing how to relax – everything becomes a project. Sometimes, I just need to “be” Lovely discussion dear Lulia 😊

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“Language is not like the sun,
heating and scorching
but like the moon
keeping secrets
and the arcane magic of the night
throwing stars
in the lilacs’ claws
till dawn.” -Iulia Halatz

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