Fibonacci’s greed

Numbers are gold
They measure the silence
of centuries
and never pin down
to feeling.

Put Love in a number
It would be 0, 1 or 10.
Put Hate in a number
It would be seven.
Numbers follow
the horizon
and leave us alone
with even, naught and odd.

Numbers are perfect
They order the chaos of galaxies
and split away fear.

Inspired by Mick E Talbot.

Art by Remedios Varo Uranga.

She is primarily a teacher of English. Also her mind is lured by goodies like finance, economics, interest rates, the stock market, as she has a hankering for how the money is made. Nevertheless she is a dreamer on a cloud...As dreams cost nothing... In ordinary days she is a word-weaver for everything and everything that breathes. In the best of days she just follows the seasons by means of bike, skis, or roller-skates. She is grateful to all colors of the world and to people who read, smile and drop a line here, or on her email. Contributing author at Sudden Denouement Literary Collective,,, My Trending Stories and Anthology Volume I: Writings from the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective.

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17 comments on “Fibonacci’s greed
  1. The Laughable Cheese says:

    I like this. very pretty. numbers are inherent in the universe and everything

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  2. yassy says:

    Very interesting, intelligent verse. I loved this, Lulia.

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  3. Wao…thought with math
    it’s unique.

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  4. grumpytyke says:

    An interesting discovery: an English teacher who is interested in maths. I too did a lot of maths (and physics, which became my first profession) but I preferred to write so changed when I was 21/22 years old. I like to write haiku, and tanka, because of the discipline involved (5,7,5 or 5,7,5,7,7). Until this post I’d never thought of a Fibonacci poem. For sure I’ll be trying some in the future.
    Your poem is intriguing as ever Iulia. I’m still thinking about why hate is 7 (the most usually chosen number when people are asked to think of a number between 1 and 10). That’s really quite scary.

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    • Iulia Halatz says:

      Maybe because people generally choose to hate?? Loving is difficult, but the most difficult is to feel nothing. I guess the number for indifference is 8.
      Very interesting about discipline and poems, I have never thought about it. So ordering words with a twist, I should try this. I like haiku very much, I see them as painted word images.
      As for my mathematics, geometry is in fact my thing. What I have learned is that if I draw the right geometrical figure I can see the solution, the result. So I tell my students to put data in a graph, also in life when my vision is impaired by feeling, I draw a figure. Sometimes I can see the light 🙂
      Thank you, Roger! Have beautiful days in Romania! XXX


  5. Some say numbers are just abstract things with no real reference to anything… they tend to “work” but are also fictions. That’s a view, anyhow.

    I think of 7 as a mystical, magic number.

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Your words are stardust, they shine and sparkle in my heart. Thank you!

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“Language is not like the sun,
heating and scorching
but like the moon
keeping secrets
and the arcane magic of the night
throwing stars
in the lilacs’ claws
till dawn.” -Iulia Halatz

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