One Lovely Blog Award! #1

2017.The Year of the Lovely Stories and Lovely Encounters

Few moons back and many brighter days, the amazing BE KITSCHIG– BE NICE! BE GREEN! BE KITSHIG! has nominated my blog for the One Lovely Blog Award.

BE KITSCHIG is a lovely & shimmering foundation for glamorous glittery stories and quotes you could not but LOVE! Here is one – “In difficult times, fashion is always outrageous!” We have some things in common –  I am green and glittery ❤

My mind is now full of apologies as I let time pass before writing this happy post in thanking the Lovely BE KITSCHIG for this nomination. All the people behind their amazing blogs and crafty words are lovely and wonderful. All they write is in betrayal of the beauty in our souls that enlightens and creates happiness.

I would like to nominate everybody for their lovely, lovely words and feelings as all the people that I have met here have touched my soul and changed something in me. I have learned a lot and become more than I have ever thought I could be.

These are the lovely nominees and please remember that everybody is invited to this “movable feast”.

Please note you are under no obligation by my nominating you. This is just a token of my appreciation for your amazing work and words.

The rules:

  • Thank the person that nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • List the rules.
  • Display the award on your post of the award.
  • List seven facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 bloggers for this award and comment on one of their posts to let them know you have nominated them.









And my trivialities:

I was born under the star sign of Gemini, so there are 2 people inside me: one Before Coffee and one After Coffee.
I used to have 5 wisdom teeth, all of them popping up at the same time. After this whenever I was trying to impress my audience with some straightforward words of wisdom, they say that maybe it was not such a good idea to take the fifth one out.
I wear 40 for footwear (9.5 US size) and 41 for roller-skates (and I am not that tall). Some simpletons might say I don’t need skis. I don’t. I only have cross-country skis, which are supposed to be longer and I couldn’t possibly beat this.

Everything can be solved after (or during) a ride in the park with my lovely bicycle. Most of my poetry has been written there.

Music must have been the food of the Gods. Being humble and an earthling, I just try to live on music and eat as little as possible. When feeling hungry as hell I can see the huge gap between us and the Gods.

The greatest fun is to laugh at myself with myself and some randomly carefully chosen earthlings. I have yet to find better jokes or better humour than the real life humour of the clumsiest green scatterbrain nice person.

She is primarily a teacher of English. Also her mind is lured by goodies like finance, economics, interest rates, the stock market, as she has a hankering for how the money is made. Nevertheless she is a dreamer on a cloud...As dreams cost nothing... In ordinary days she is a word-weaver for everything and everything that breathes. In the best of days she just follows the seasons by means of bike, skis, or roller-skates. She is grateful to all colors of the world and to people who read, smile and drop a line here, or on her email. Contributing author at Sudden Denouement Literary Collective,,, My Trending Stories and Anthology Volume I: Writings from the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective.

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38 comments on “One Lovely Blog Award! #1
  1. Iulia, you deserve it for sure. I’m happy for you my friend.. Congrats

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  2. yassy says:

    That is so sweet of you , Lulia. I think you are the best thing that happened to WP and I am so so happy to know you. It’s heartwarming to have you around.

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    • Iulia Halatz says:

      Thank you, dear Yassy. I could not but think of you and your beautiful touching verse. This is just a humble symbol of my appreciation. I am very happy to have met you too ❤


  3. Congrats dear you really deserve it

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  4. sotzlajanger says:

    Congratulations! I am happy for you.
    I enjoyed reading about you. I wear 35 size ( Euro size). My feet is short. Haha!
    Anyway, keep going. Your blog is incredible. 🙂

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  5. chape says:

    Congrats! Great to know more things about you 🙂
    Also, thank you so much for the nomination!
    Big hugs 😉

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  6. daisymae2017 says:

    Thanks lulia Halatz for nominating me for One Lovely Blog Award. It’s truly an honor. I just post this and follow the rules-right? What else do I have to do. Thanks Again. Reblogged on

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  7. Sidharth says:

    Congrats for the award, you truly deserve it 🙂 It was great knowing about you. In the about section, you said that “you are grateful to all colors of the world and to people who read, laugh, smile and drop a line here, or on your email.” So if you promise that you won’t give me homework (taking into account that you are an English teacher) could you please give me your email id so that I can contact you & hopefully someday collaborate with you over a creative piece of writing? Although I certainly understand & respect your privacy so I would completely comprehend in case you don’t wish to share your email id with me 🙂 Please keep weaving the magic of your creativity. Hope your day goes as good as the heart that you possess 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Iulia Halatz says:

      Thank you very much for everything! Your words always do me great honour. Along with being a teacher I also fly my own plane, which makes my job not just doing my job but see what to do next 🙂 You can contact me at It is my business email and I keep a close eye on it . Of course, someday, as I write for pleasure and healing 🙂 I wish you a very merry day!
      PS: I am sorry for my lateness in replying 🙂

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      • Sidharth says:

        The more I talk to you over comments the more I’m intrigued to know about you because just like the majestic completeness of the creativity of your posts, your personality too is mystically magnificent. Thanks for sharing your email I’ll get in touch with you as soon as I possibly can. Looking forward to hearing from you soon, hope you have a delightful evening ahead dear friend!

        PS: it’s okay me doing a 12-14 hour long job myself, can truly empathize with your situation, at times I too might reply late, so hoping you won’t punish me professor for my occasional delayed replies 😅

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  8. Lord eBay says:

    Thanks for nominating me, Lulia. It means a lot. Keep up the good spirits and the works they spawn.

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  9. InspiresN says:

    Congratulations Iulia, The award is very well deserved!!

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  10. […] You Iulia Halatz of  for this One Lovely Blog Award. You are one awesome blogger and I deeply appreciate your […]

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  11. bekitschig says:

    Oh boy, I didn’t realize we have so much in common! Right down to the 5 wisdom teeth!!! Thank you for your kind words (and shame on me for taking to long to check this post…)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Iulia Halatz says:

      Thank YOU for your beautiful words and the shame is totally mine and I do not partake 🙂 I have to apologize for waiting fo the grass to grow (literally) before writing this. Well, it is very funny and interesting about our 5 wisdom teeth. Nevertheless, unlike you, I had 2 on the same spot which put me into hospital due to severe infection.
      I am happy we have so many things in common.

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      • bekitschig says:

        That sounds soo painful! I had 4 removed (2 of those very old school, ouch) and now there’s a 5th one growing! I’m sure the wisdom stayed with you.
        PS. I’d visit your blog a lot more often if your link wasn’t broken. For some reason, I cannot read your blog on my phone.
        Have a nice Sunday.

        Liked by 1 person

  12. Iulia Halatz says:

    Yes, it was not at all laughable. I do retain the other four and part of my “wisdomness” 🙂
    Ps: Thank you for telling me.
    Have a beautiful Sunday ❤


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but like the moon
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