It is not what you do, but why you do it

“It is not what you do, but why you do it”. I have glimpsed* this in The Game of Thrones.

In marketing the saying goes that people buy “why you do it“, not what you do.

I do what I am keen on, so I do what I do because It is my passion…

What do I do?

Primarily I Teach…I explain and simplify.

Secondarily I listen to people, to their difficulties, challenges, shortcomings, jokes, ideas…Then I explain & write a syllabus.

Then I write more. English poems and stuff…

English is like a shelter, a haven** full of nice words and safe simple sentences… English is easy, if you get to its structure and beauty…

For example, Past Tense Simple is a past tense and Present PerfectTense is a present tense***.


Create a place of your own and in there, everything must be You:

  • your passions
  • your ideas
  • your dreams
  • your desires
  • your projects
  • your hopes…

For me, this place is called my Job.

*glimpse = to see somebody/something for a moment, but not very clearly.

**haven = a place that is safe and peaceful where people or animals are protected.

***For my grammarian students.

Picture: In English Port by Voitv (Vadim Voitekhovitch),


She is primarily a teacher of English. Also her mind is lured by goodies like finance, economics, interest rates, the stock market, as she has a hankering for how the money is made. Nevertheless she is a dreamer on a cloud...As dreams cost nothing... In ordinary days she is a word-weaver for everything and everything that breathes. In the best of days she just follows the seasons by means of bike, skis, or roller-skates. She is grateful to all colors of the world and to people who read, smile and drop a line here, or on her email. Contributing author at Sudden Denouement Literary Collective, My Trending Stories and Anthology Volume I: Writings from the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective.

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Your words are stardust, they shine and sparkle in my heart. Thank you!

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“Language is not like the sun,
heating and scorching
but like the moon
keeping secrets
and the arcane magic of the night
throwing stars
in the lilacs’ claws
till dawn.” -Iulia Halatz

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